IGLU SOFT PLAY & PEPI RER Wins Big: Prestigious Green Excellence Award Recognizes Their Sustainable Mission!

Exciting news from IGLU soft play! We were recognized for their unwavering commitment to sustainability with the prestigious Green Excellence Award! This award shines a spotlight on IGLU's dedication to eco-friendly practices throughout their entire manufacturing process, from material efficiency to responsible recycling.

A Legacy Built on Innovation:

Our IGLU soft play story is deeply connected to their parent company, PEPI RER, a leader in Northern Europe's polyethylene foam industry for over 25 years. PEPI RER's expertise with this versatile material sparked the creation of IGLU in 2015. Since then, our IGLU team has been handcrafting fun and long-lasting soft play products in their hometown, fulfilling over 250,000 orders worldwide.

A Team Fueled by Passion:

More than 30% of our IGLU team consists of young parents, bringing a unique perspective to the table. Our team members not only contribute fantastic product ideas but also play a vital role in testing them out, ensuring they meet the needs of both children.

Sustainability at the Heart of Everything We Do:

For IGLU soft play equipment, minimizing their environmental impact is one of top priority. We use recycled materials and have achieved an impressive 98% waste reduction, putting them well on their way to becoming a zero-waste company.

Celebrating a Shared Success:

The Green Excellence Award is a well-deserved tribute to the incredible team of over 200 at IGLU's headquarters in Valka. Their tireless efforts to create fun and sustainable products are truly inspiring. CEO Vigants Lesausks proudly accepted the award on behalf of the entire team, recognizing their hard work and dedication.

A Commitment to a Sustainable Future:

IGLU soft play views this award as a significant step towards their vision of a sustainable future. We believe that children's joy and environmental responsibility can coexist, and they are committed to keep innovating to make that vision a reality.

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