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Soft play blocks for your child's physical, cognitive, and social development

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    Made in EU from soft, durable, easy-to-clean materials.

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    250 000+ products sold world wide, keeping kids off screen.

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    In-house production. Hand made by local professionals for your child.

  • Vaida Vasiliauskiene

    Pediatric Physiotherapist, Europe
    "I'm so glad I discovered these IGLU soft platforms in my practice as a pediatric physiotherapist!
    These versatile platforms allow me to choose the right one to target specific developmental needs.
    IGLU soft play blocks are a great tool for promoting healthy motor development in babies."

  • Tanya Barrett

    Pediatric Physio, Author, Owner @ Just 4 Kids, Canada


    "As a Pediatric Therapist working with kids of all ages, I love incorporating the Iglu Soft Play equipment into my physio sessions. These sets are a fun way to promote Gross Motor Skills and strengthen different muscles groups! The best part is that the foam is super durable, easy to clean, and has a non-slip surface underneath."

  • Dr. Stefanie Rodsater

    Pediatric Brain Development @ BBBrains, United States

    "As a pediatric chiropractor deeply committed to nurturing baby brain development, I absolutely love the exceptional soft play equipment crafted by @iglusoftplay! Every piece I’ve utilized with my daughter exudes pristine quality and perfectly aligns with brain-building activities. Highly recommended!"

  • Anna Terzi

    Pediatric Physiotherapist, Europe


    "As a physiotherapist, I am highly impressed by IGLU soft blocks. The perfect balance of firmness and softness provides an ideal platform for physical activities. The non-skid bottoms ensure a safe environment for children during exercises, and the vibrant colors add a visually stimulating element to sessions."

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Why is IGLU good for your child?

  • Encourages physical activity
  • Provides sensory stimulation
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Teaches problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Promotes social skills like sharing, collaborating, and taking turns
  • Language development discussing build strategies and roles
  • Helps release excess energy and manage stress
  • Encourages independent play
  • Keeps your child off screens

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A boy watering plants standing on an IGLU block

Building blocks of independence

From play time to little helper with the same block. IGLU is designed to assist your child with their daily routines. Whether it's time to relax, play around, or get those chores done, IGLU is right there to make things enjoyable and easier.

1 minute clean-up

Unleash the inner artist! IGLU shapes are designed to let children be children. Even if their artwork spills beyond the paper and onto IGLU, no worries – our blocks can handle it. Easy clean-up with a wet wipe and your blank canvas is ready to experience the next masterpiece. Just remember, avoid permanent markers. Those can do some real damage.

Baby climbing on IGLU

Quick and efficient! Answered promptly to any questions I had. Product is high quality, clean and exactly how it appears online. Very pleased :)

Courtney from Canada

  • Good quality, very cute and my 1 year old niece started playing with it right away on her birthday! She seemed to enjoy it. Shipping was very quick! A week or less and it arrived.

    Evette Leon, France

  • Firm enough for safe climbing, a great size, non skid bottoms, and the colours are beautiful. The possibilities are endless for arranging and we change it up every little bit!

    Katelyn, Canada

  • I love the quality, price, colors and size. I'm really grateful to find such a good provider My daughter is still learning to climb but she is very interested in colors and has already tried.

    Jessica Gomez, New Jersey

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How is IGLU different from other soft blocks?

A few things that set us apart

A woman sewing IGLU cover on a sewing machine

We make it ourselves

We’re one of the few manufacturers who still do everything in-house. From design to packaging, we take care of everything to deliver only the best to your child.

Our talented team personally sews each toy by hand, ensuring top-notch quality in every stitch.

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Rolls of IGLU material

We use the best materials

IGLU Soft Play blocks are made from polyethylene foam – it's soft, light as a feather yet extremely durable. While others might opt for polyurethane, we create our foam from scratch, right here, because we want it to go the distance and stay by your side for the long haul.

Artificial leather swatches

We're safety certified

Our product quality is backed by compliance with EU toy safety standards, a certified production process, and the enthusiastic testing of our own children, who are the first to dive into new IGLU Soft Play concepts.

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  • Mother and daughter playing with IGLU blocks
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