Cesis School Gets a Colorful Makeover with Innovative IGLU soft play Chairs!

Have you ever walked through a school hallway and thought, "This space could be so much more?" Well, the folks at Cesis School are about to experience a transformation that will bring both comfort and creativity to their learning environment.

Here at IGLU, we're strong believers in fostering innovation and supporting local initiatives. That's why we're incredibly excited to see our investment in IGLU soft play equipment come to life at Cesis School, thanks to a fantastic collaboration with Draugiem Group, who sponsored everything.

This isn't your typical classroom furniture rollout. These chairs are more than just a place to sit – they're a vibrant burst of color and ergonomic comfort, ready to revolutionize the way students experience Cesis School.

Imagine bustling hallways transformed into dynamic learning spaces. Students can relax in between classes, collaborate on projects, or simply find a quiet corner to focus – all while enjoying the supportive comfort of the IGLU soft play chairs. The playful colors will spark creativity and add a touch of personality to every space, making Cesis a school that reflects the vibrancy of its young minds.

We're thrilled to see the positive impact these chairs will have on the learning experience at Cesis School, and we can't wait to witness the creative ways students utilize these new spaces.

Inspired to bring the  IGLU soft play equipment experience to your own school, libraries, interest centres, or kindergarten?

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We'd be happy to discuss how IGLU chairs can transform your learning environment with the same level of comfort, color, and functionality.

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