4 Piece Soft Play Step and Slide Set - Transformer

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4 Piece Soft Play Step and Slide Set - Transformer

4 Piece Soft Play Step and Slide Set - Transformer

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  • BPA+Phthalate free
  • Easy to clean
  • Responsibly made
This set is the perfect Montessori-inspired toy designed to engage your child's imagination while nurturing their gross motor skill development. Introduce active learning and imaginative play into your child's daily routine with our 4 Piece Soft Play Step and Slide Transformer Set. This versatile playset is carefully crafted to provide endless hours of fun while promoting essential gross motor skill development.
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Product details

A girl sleeping on her IGLU rocking toy


IGLU is here to guide and inspire:

  • Movement and motor skills (crawling, climbing, balancing)
  • Building spatial awareness and creativity
  • Boosting coordination and confidence
  • Fueling logical thinking and exploration
  • Discovering geometric shapes and vibrant colors
  • Nurturing imaginative play and innovation
  • Elevating social skills and connections

IGLU's gentle, huggable shapes are like buddies for developing a wide range of movement and motor skills in kids. Different shapes help kids boost their coordination and motor skills – from wiggling fingers to crawling, climbing, and exploring heights.

Sharing giggles with siblings, friends, and buddies turbocharges social skills by sparking chats and connections.

Teaming up with parents or pals leads to speedy learning and spotting cool geometric shapes and vivid colors. The endless mix of shapes is like a treasure trove for crafting imaginative worlds – castles, forts, and more.

As kids grow, these shapes morph into excellent tools. Building obstacle courses, playing games, and conquering steps to beds or chairs – the possibilities are endless. Even pets join in the fun, using shapes as toys and adults get crafty – imagine shapes as a trusty computer stand!

EAN: 4751005646064


IGLU Soft block shapes are made of firm polyethylene foam with a closed cell structure – soft and super light.  Covered with a tough artificial vinyl leather material. Shapes are robust, easy to care for, and tested for harmful substances.

IGLU products are CE marked according to EU Directive 88/378 / EEC: Toy Safety.


Free shipping to the EU by Latvian Post.
Fast worldwide delivery by Latvian Post, TNT, FedEx

  • IGLU blocks

    • Very durable – made from polyethylene. Dense yet light foam that holds its shape.
    • Easy clean-up - wipes clean with a wet wipe.
    • In-house production - all IGLU products are made by us in our hometown.
    • Handmade - from sewing to packaging, we use our hands to create these shapes.
    • Made in EU - we make everything from our local Northern Europe facility.
    • Certificates - our blocks get vigourously tested and have received safety certificates in EU, USA, Canada and UK.
  • Competitor blocks

    • Less durable – made from polyurethane aka basic foam rubber. Looses its shape after regular use.
    • Sensitive to wet/moisture containing cleaning.
    • Outsourced manufacturing - most competitors outsource their production.
    • Machine-made in bulk by large manufacturers. No customization available.
    • Made in China - other blocks are mostly made in China by white label manufacturers.
    • Some competitors have tested their products, others have not received official certificates.
Baby climbing on IGLU

These blocks are firm enough for safe climbing, a great size, non skid bottoms, and the colours are beautiful. The possibilities are endless for arranging and we change it up every little bit! I think they’ll be well loved for years to come.

Katelyn, Canada

A boy running through a jungle gym made of IGLU soft blocks

Benefits of step and slide soft play blocks

  1. Physical activity: Steps and slides encourage kids to climb, crawl, and slide, promoting physical activity and exercise. These movements help develop their gross motor skills, strength, balance, and coordination.
  2. Spatial awareness: Climbing up steps and sliding down slides require children to navigate space and understand their body's position in relation to the environment. This enhances their spatial awareness and sense of balance.
  3. Sensory stimulation: The tactile experience of climbing steps and sliding down slides provides sensory stimulation for children. The touch of different materials and textures can enhance their sensory processing and exploration.
  4. Risk-taking and confidence building: Climbing steps and sliding down slides can involve a certain level of risk, which helps children learn about risk assessment and builds their self-confidence as they successfully navigate these activities.
  5. Social interaction: Steps and slides often attract multiple children to play together, promoting social interaction, cooperation, and imaginative play. Kids can take turns climbing and sliding, engage in role-playing games, and share experiences.
  6. Emotional expression: Play activities on steps and slides can provide an outlet for emotional expression. For example, conquering a challenging slide can evoke a sense of accomplishment and happiness, while overcoming a fear of heights can help them face and manage their fears.
  7. Problem-solving skills: Figuring out how to climb up steps or navigate through complex slide structures can foster problem-solving skills as children experiment with different strategies and learn from trial and error.
  8. Playfulness and creativity: Steps and slides can be integrated into various play scenarios, encouraging creativity and imaginative play. They can be incorporated into obstacle courses, imaginary castles, jungle adventures, and more.
Rolls of IGLU material

We use the best materials

IGLU Soft Play blocks are made from polyethylene foam – it’s soft, light as a feather yet extremely durable. While others might opt for polyurethane, we create our foam in-house from scratch, because we want it to go the distance and stay by your side for the long haul.

Artificial leather swatches

We're safety certified

Our product quality is backed by compliance with EU toy safety standards, a certified production process, and the enthusiastic testing of our own children, who are the first to dive into new IGLU Soft Play concepts.

Loved by families around the world

IGLU products in-action from families that use them daily

  • A boy jumping on IGLU set
  • A boy playing with dinosaurs, sitting on his IGLU set
  • Mother and daughter playing with IGLU blocks
  • Two sisters playing with their IGLU foam block set
  • A boy reading a book, leaning against his IGLU set
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You asked, we answered

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship all products internationally. We use Latvian Post as our main logistics partner. The only places we don't ship to are Russia and Belarus.

Is IGLU safe for babies?

Absolutely! All IGLU shapes are created to grow along your child. They're suited for babies. We recommend our crawler sets for infants and every other shape or set for toddlers and young children. Please keep in mind that parental supervision is still necessary when allowing your child to play with IGLU blocks or any other toy for that matter

How long will IGLU blocks last?

It all depends on how intensely they are used, but the average is about 5-10 years. They don't loose their shape, but the leather imitation might see some wear and tear after the 10 year mark. If the visual imperfections don't bother you, the product can last a lifetime.

How do you clean the product?

Cleaning your IGLU is very easy. If there are spills or marks, we advise using a damp cloth or wet wipe to clean your IGLU. Our foam is resilient and can withstand gentle cleaning. Please note that removing permanent marker stains may not be possible. In case of a more stubborn stain, use a non-toix cleaning solution and a non-abrasive cloth.

What is the company return policy?

You have a 14-day return option for your purchase. This means you can return the product within 14 days after buying it, without giving a reason. Just remember a few things if you want to return your IGLU:

  • Product must be unused
  • Keep the original packaging and everything that came with it safe and undamaged.

The 14 days start from when you get the product. If the 14th day falls on a holiday, you have until the next workday to return it.

If you'd like to return your IGLU, please let us know by filling out the form and emailing it us at info@iglusoftplay.eu